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Tennis Rebounders and Trainers

Tennis Rebounders and Trainers

Working with the best tennis rebounders and trainers is a fantastic idea for anyone looking to learn tennis, practice at home, practice solo without a partner or a court or even those short on time who would like to squeeze a quick 15-30 minutes of tennis practice into their schedule. This gear will help you with footwork, strokes, eye-hand coordination and agility. Equipment for solo tennis players ranges from ball trainers, which have a heavy base, along with a ball attached to a cord that bounces back to you all the way to rebounders, which are large nets with lines, so you feel like you’re practicing with a net. Here we review some of the best rebounders and trainers you can order to your home and be practicing in a few days.

Best Tennis Rebounders and Trainers

  1. Fill n Drill Tennis Trainer
  2. Tourna Tennis Trainer
  3. Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Model (Our #1 Seller)
  4. Pro Impact Tennis Trainer
  5. OnCourt OffCourt Topspin Solution
  6. Mega Tennis Rebounder

Tennis Trainers

Tennis trainers are basically a heavy bottom that will stay on the ground attached to a cord and ball. The bases of tennis trainers can come as heavy as concrete or can arrive empty, and you fill them with water or sand. They are very inexpensive and a large selection is easily found on Amazon. Here we review a few tennis trainers, along with companion videos offering suggestions for tennis drills you can do at home, in your garage, backyard, a parking lot or local park.

Fill n Drill Tennis Trainer

Tourna Fill & Drill Tennis Trainer, The Original Patented Water-Filled Base Tennis Trainer
  • The Original water filled tennis trainer. Fill-n-drill is the perfect portable tennis training aid. Simply hit the ball and it Comes back to you
  • Fill the base with water and it Instantly becomes heavy enough to hold the unit in place. Non-skid pads underneath help keep it stable
  • Unwrap the cord, hit the ball as hard as you want, and the ball bounces back to you. The harder you hit the faster the ball is rebounded to you
  • Rubber cord is 15 feet long and stretches to 30 feet for hard hit balls. To shorten the rebound, wrap some of the cord around the base to your desired length
  • Comes with an extra ball and string and a convenient mesh carry bag

More Tennis Trainer Rebounders

Ahari Unlimited Premium Tennis Trainer Set, Pro Tennis Rebounder with Metal Base in a Carrying Cylinder, 3 Replacement Rebound Balls, & Wristband, Portable Tennis Practice Equipment for Solo Training.
  • ✅【3 REPLACEMENT BALLS】Our Valuable Tennis Trainer Set includes 3 replacement balls attached to durable elastic strings as the main ball, which makes our tennis training set the best choice for you. Our tournament level balls are made of safe & durable materials, covered with premium felt with 60% wool which is the top level of quality for a tennis ball. Our Trainer comes in a cylinder that can fit into your tennis bag, and the replacement balls are packed in an airtight & sealed canister.
  • ✅【HEAVY-DUTY METAL BASE】Ahari Unlimited Tennis Trainer Set contains a black iron base that is heavy enough to stay stable on the ground even with the hardest forehands, it doesn’t require filling with water & sand each training session to increase the weight like cheap plastic baseboards out there, keeping your hands clean. It also features a non-skid rubber grip at the bottom to increase the friction with the ground and improves stability, which makes it works well on most surfaces.
  • ✅【PERFECT STRINGS ELASTICITY】Our Pro Tennis Rebounder Set contains wear-resistant elastic strings with little less elasticity than other brands for a more realistic hitting experience, which has been well received as tennis gifts by many advanced players (the ball will rebound with convenient speed). Our professional strings attached carefully to our tennis balls and have very high resilience to bear intense tennis training, so you can strike as hard as you can with no fear of strings breaking.
  • ✅【IDEAL FOR SOLO TRAINING】Ahari Unlimited Tennis Practice Rebounder Set comes with everything you need to take your tennis skills to the next level or just for warm-up without the need of a net or a partner when the ball is knocked away, it will always come back, so that it can be hit again afterward. Tennis accessories like ours is an ideal tennis set for practicing tennis anytime and anywhere whether indoor & outdoor, and it is perfect for adults and kids whether a beginner or a professional.
  • ✅【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】Order Our Tennis Training Equipment now with Risk-Free, we assure you that you will love the quality and durability of our self-tennis trainer, (You will be Amazed). If you aren't in love with our tennis practice trainer contact us & we will do our best to make you more than happy. THE PERFECT TENNIS GIFT! SO, DON'T WASTE MORE OF YOUR VALUABLE TIME AND TAKE THE RIGHT DECISION AND ORDER OUR PREMIUM TENNIS TRAINER & YOU WON'T REGRET IT!
Teloon Solo Tennis Trainer Rebound Ball with String for Self Tennis Practice Training Tool for Adults or Kids Beginners with 2 String Balls Elastic and a Portable Mesh Bag
  • 🎾【Brand New Design】-Unscrew the cap on the training base so you can fill with water or sand. Once it's filled, it will be heavy enough to hold your swing. The anti-skid material at the bottom will holds the training base in place. There is anti entanglement design on the top of the base, so you don’t have to deal with entangled rubber string.
  • 🎾【More Tennis】-2 tennis balls, 1 base, 1 anti tangle hook and 1 portable mesh bag. The core of our tennis ball is much thicker than normal tennis ball, so the rebound will be much better than normal balls. The felt is made of wool; it feels better and more durable. The portable tennis training rubber string has high elasticity and wear resistance, which can shorten the rebound force, wrap some of the cord around the base to your desired length or you can stretch it for heavy and longer swings.
  • 🎾【Solo Tennis Training】-Single player training tennis: no need to wait for a companion, simply training with yourself. No need to pick up the ball, the tennis ball hits out with the elastic rope to rebound automatically. Get started to train your serve, forehand and backhand easily.
  • 🎾【Light and Portable】-Tennis trainer was made of light and durable material. You can carry the trainer wherever you want with the mesh bag. When you are done with your training, simply wrap the rubber string around the tennis trainer, place it in the mesh bag and you are ready to go.
  • 🎾【Suitable for 】- tennis trainer is a good gift for tennis lovers, family and children who like to play tennis. It can significantly improve swing rhythm, tempo, footwork and techniques. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor practice such as playgrounds, gardens, parks, tennis court and etc.

Our #1 Best Seller – Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach Pro Model

Dozens of pros online tout this tennis trainer as their secret weapon for kids and adults alike. You can practice tennis in the smallest of apartments with this eye trainer. They claim "Only 5 minutes of Eye Coach Simulated Game practice = 90 minutes on court." According to her highness, the great Billie Jean King (insert my bow here), her trainer is all about improving hitting the target sweet spot.

Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Pro Tennis Simulator with Game-Changing Tennis Drills, Essential Tennis Equipment and Training Aid, Practice Tennis Drills by Yourself at Home, No Ball Pickup
  • BETTER CONSISTENCY: How you practice is how you play. Billie Jean King Eye Coach + Revolutionary Drills will show you perfect practice habits from home and how to return them on the tennis court with the right tools so that you become more consistent…in less time.
  • PERFECT MUSCLE MEMORY: The drills included in this portable tennis trainer system will show you how to align your body on each stroke so that you are practicing perfect muscle memory. This naturally aids your strokes with effortless power and spin on all of your strokes.
  • 100% TRANSFER TO THE TENNIS COURT: The skills you master from home using the Revolutionary Drills transfer seamlessly to the court. Simply watch the tennis training equipment drill videos, and you’ll see exactly how. Practicing ten minutes per day allows you to dramatically improve any stroke. The drills included will show you exactly how to practice so you can be sure you are practicing correctly.
  • ANY AGE, ANY ABILITY LEVEL: Once you feel your perfect balance at contact and your ability to hit the ball solidly using our 3-speed training system, you will quickly notice your strokes getting cleaner and crisper. From beginning junior to Tour Professional, the Billie Jean King Eye Coach + Revolutionary Drills help ANY PLAYER improve better and faster than ever before.
  • IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE: Because you’ll be practicing properly, you’ll be memorizing the 15 included strokes properly. After just 5,000 repetitions at home on any stroke and 1,500 repetitions on court, you will have mastered that stroke. Then simply practice the drills for 15 minutes per month as maintenance. Guarantee is good for 3 years from purchase of our tennis accessories.
Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Pro Tennis Simulator with Game-Changing Tennis Drills, Essential Tennis Equipment and Training Aid, Practice Tennis Drills by Yourself at Home, No Ball Pickup
  • ACHIEVE YOUR TENNIS GOALS: A perfect way to introduce young children to tennis, the Billie Jean King Eye Coach tennis training system can help your young player have lots of fun, get great exercise, and develop correct ball-striking habits so they can win more!
  • DESIGNED BY MULTISKILLED PROFESSIONALS: The Eye Coach Junior was created by eye specialists and motor-memory and tennis experts. Our tennis trainer is easy to assemble and has an oscillating arm that adjusts from 28"–31".
  • DRAMATIC, LASTING IMPROVEMENT: See an improvement in your power, accuracy, spin control (including topspin), and confidence. The tennis trainer helps them perfect the most crucial part of their tennis game: focus at the point of contact. It’s the only time they can control the ball and Sweet Spot hits.
  • DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS: Billie Jean King's award-winning Eye Coach is a complete portable tennis training system offering perfect ball-striking practice anywhere, anytime. We offer 17 training videos and personalized support whenever needed.
  • IMPROVE TODAY & FOREVER: Billie Jean King’s gift to tennis: a tennis training system trusted and used worldwide by clubs, professionals, and trainers. Our tennis practice equipment focuses on overall improvement that you can see on the court.
Billie Jean King's Eye Coach Carrying Bag, Portable Tennis Trainer Carrying Bag
  • TENNIS BAG: Makes practicing anywhere easier than ever! It easily carries the Eye Coach and more.
  • TENNIS ACCESSORIES: Has extra room for tennis balls, shoes, water bottles, and a racket.
  • CARRIER BAG: Hook-and-loop strips secure each part of this tennis player's bag.
  • PORTABLE SELF-TRAINING TENNIS TRAINER: Practice off-court with no distractions anywhere, anytime.
  • EYE COACH: Trusted tennis training equipment used by clubs, professionals, and trainers worldwide.

TOPSPIN MASTER Tennis Swing Trainer

Alternatives to BJK’s Eye Coach – but really, does anyone want an alternative to BJK?

VIV Portable Tennis Trainer, Practice Equipment Training Adi for Spin, Swing and Shot|Tennis Balls with String Trainer Rebound Set Solo Training|Practice Tennis Drills by Yourself Anywhere Great Gift
  • 🎾The VIV Swing-Shot Master trainer has been upgraded with an adjustable elastic cord and direct metal attachment to prevent breakage and looseness. The flexible and compact option to add weight with sand or water increases stability for all skill levels and make it more admirable. These upgrades improve performance and usability, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their skills conveniently and effectively.
  • 🎾The VIV Swing-Shot Master trainer helps users of all levels practice basic strokes and ball spin variations, improving their technique and form. Its versatility and consistency make it a popular tool among tennis coaches and players of all levels. It also enhances footwork by delivering balls at different heights and angles, resulting in noticeable improvements. You can practice different drills with the trainer, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their tennis skills.
  • 🎾This version is designed to be compact, durable, flexible, and stable for a comfortable and effective workout experience. It is a convenient and versatile option that can be used anywhere, including at home, at the office, providing consistency in training regardless of weather conditions. Weighing only 3.76 lb without the removable weight bag, it is much more flexible to carry around. It only takes 3-5 minutes to assemble initially and does not require dismantling and re-setup.
  • 🎾The review of “When you strike the ball the racket frame makes contact with the metal frame that holds the ball” is untrue. In fact, this version is improved, and the new design enables more effective training compared to traditional topspin training devices that are heavy and costly. We are confident in its quality and offer a full money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. Watch the video and also give it a try - see for yourself!
YUESHENG Tennis Serve Tool Swing Trainer for Tennis Training, Professional Serve Tennis Trainer for Kids or Adult with Sound Hitting Sense (for Adults-11.5oz)
  • ✨【Effective hitting feedback】Experiencing the feeling of natural and effective hitting techniques will accelerate learning, and the sound rhythm of the weighted block hitting the top by centrifugal force when swinging the trainer correctly creates an impact-like rhythm to the ball. So you will progress faster and more naturally. Perfect for learning, training and practicing groundstrokes.
  • ✨【Professional Single Tennis Trainer】Helps master the overall coordination of the stroke. Feel the feel of a real forehand, backhand and serve. Swing trainer helps you master serve timing, consistency and placement and practice all types of swings, including serves, groundstrokes and overheads.
  • ✨【Enjoy training anytime anywhere】Whether you're on the tennis court getting ready to warm up, at home after work, or even on the go, take the tennis practice equipment with you and complete the perfect selection of movement exercises, dynamic warm-ups, stretching and strengthening, arm tosses, and rhythm and consistency.
  • ✨【For Men/Women/Teen】The adult version weighs 11.5oz/325g . The Women version weighs 10.75oz/300g. The Teen version weighs 10oz/285g. Adults, juniors and children can choose the right trainer to master the serve safely and effectively.NOTE: Tennis Racket Grip Tape with the Color does NOT represent the Model, the model to Weight Distinction.
  • ✨【What you get】Professional Tennis Single Trainer and friendly after-sales service.If you have any quality problems with our tennis training equipment, please feel free to contact us. We guarantee to solve them until you are satisfied.

Pro Impact Tennis Trainer

No products found.

OnCourt OffCourt Topspin Solution

Topspin is often the difference between a win and a loss in any tennis game, and a must-have for any aspiring tennis player. Whether you’re looking to perfect a Federer slice or a Nadal forehard, this topspin trainer is a handy item that can be set up just about anywhere, a fence, a ball cart or even a balcony railing. The topspin trainer with help you with groundstrokes, slice and kick serves.

TopSpin Solution - Tennis Training Aid | Practice Nearly All Shots in Tennis Anywhere | Attaches Indoors & Outdoors | All Ages and Skill Levels | Players and Coaches
  • GREAT FOR PRACTICE: Practice virtually ALL shots in tennis, although most will primarily use it for topspin groundstrokes. You can even practice both slice and kick serves!
  • FOR PLAYERS & COACHES: Our TopSpin Solution is designed for both players and coaches, and for ALL ages and skill levels.
  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE: Our patented design is practical for both home and court use!
  • PRACTICE ANYWHERE: Please view pictures to see the many convenient ways you can use the Topspin Solution.
  • ONCOURT OFFCOURT: We are the leading creative resource for youth tennis, training aids, court equipment and ball machines. Over 10 million players have improved using our products in over 100 countries.

Tennis Rebounders (Nets and Backboards)

Tennis rebounders are next level in terms of home practice. They require a lot more space, often a backyard, and are more expensive. But if you’re looking to perfect your strokes with consistent and repetitive practice without a court or partner, there is no better option.

Rebounder Deluxe on Wheels for Tennis & Pickleball
  • Practice Everything - Practice a multitude of tennis and pickleball drills– serves, volleys, overheads, groundstrokes.
  • Adjustable Net Angle - The net adjusts from vertical to a 15-degree angle– creating the most realistic rebounds, simulating real arcs and angles you’ll face on the court.
  • Portable - With four large, 4-inch wheels, the Rebounder Deluxe is easy to move on the court or any flat surface and locks securely into place when in use or stored away.
  • Easy Storage - The Rebounder Deluxe is designed to fold flat, so it takes up as little space as possible when not in use.
  • Perfect for Everyone - The Rebounder Deluxe is perfect for advanced players, brand new players, coaches, court owners, and parents.

Net World Sports RapidFire Mega Tennis Rebounder

Rally Master 10 x 12 Backboard
  • For durability, performance, and value, nothing beats a Rally Master Backboard! Our dense, solid panels have rich color molded all the way through the panel, not painted on a thin outer shell like fiberglass backboards. Rally Master Panels cannot be punctured like fiberglass, nor will they split, develop dead spots or be subject to irregular rebounds.
  • Decibel reading tests determined that the rebound sound level of a Rally Master Backboard was indistinguishable from that of a leading fiberglass manufacturer's top-of-the-line model.
RapidFire Mega Tennis Rebounder | Groundstroke & Volleying Practice (Small Or Large) (Small (5ft x 6ft))
  • EXTREME REBOUND BOUNCE – The high-quality netting delivers a consistently extreme bounce to give players excellent shot opportunities. Created using 2mm knotless PE with a 28mm mesh, the net will deliver an elite performance with excellent longevity.
  • GALVANIZED STEEL REBOUNDER FRAME – Manufactured from premium grade materials, such as galvanized steel, the tennis trainer rebounder is durable and long-lasting. The 1mm thick, 38mm OD galvanized steel frame features a black powder coating for added strength and a weatherproof, rust resistant finish.
  • DEVELOP YOUR GAME & TENNIS SKILLS – Always guaranteeing a returning tennis ball, the RapidFire Mega Tennis Rebounder net is an excellent bounce back tool for shot development. Improve your groundstrokes and volleying of tennis balls with the court/backyard tennis trainer.
  • ADJUST YOUR ANGLE – Unique to any other bounce back net, the RapidFire Mega allows players to be their own tennis tutor/tennis coach and fully adjust the angle to suit different training drills, ensuring full control of the trajectory of tennis balls with every stroke.
  • SMALL OR LARGE TENNIS WALL – Expertly suited to all ages, abilities, conditions & tennis court surfaces, the RapidFire Mega Tennis Rebounder is available in two sizes: Small (5ft x 6ft) & Large (7ft x 8ft). Suitable for indoor training and outdoor training.

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