Here are at least 10 ways to find tennis partners, whether you are home or traveling on holiday. We even have our own Tennis Travelers Group for those new to an area or on holiday. Some of the best ways to find tennis hitting partners include local clubs, clinics, socials, parties, pros, lessons and leagues. There are also some more introverted ways to find tennis friends like websites, meetups and apps, though we find in person is usually the best way to match up. So here’s our top list for finding your tennis soulmates and we look forward to your comments about you have found some of your favorite tennis partners.

1. Local Club

Joining a local tennis club is one of the best ways to find a hitting partner, whether you hire a pro or just let them know you are available to hit with another club member. Even if you choose not to join the club, many times, they will let you post your information on an internal board to let others know you are looking and maybe you can join as a guest. You may also inquire about classes, clinics, parties and socials, which can allow non-members to participate, free or paid, and there you can meet other players and make some games for yourself.

Locals clubs often host Socials and Tennis Parties. Socials (also called Mix Ins), usually held weekly and open to everyone, sometimes for a small fee for non club members. It is the club’s way of inviting non members to check out their club and play with the members. Joining local socials is one of my favorite ways to meet local tennis players when I travel. In many cities, you can also find "Tennis Parties," which in the New York area are very popular. Many of them have been a tradition for years and it’s usually one or two players who organize a weekly party, reserving 4-10 courts, with both doubles and singles play, drinks and food. You can play for hours, eat, drink and meet lots of other players by joining a Tennis party.

2. Tennis Travelers Facebook Group – Come "Net"Work with Us!

Join our Tennis Travelers Facebook Group! We created this group just for all of us to find partners, pros and clubs around the world. We’re fairly new at the moment, but we are growing quickly and hand approve every member, so only real tennis players can join us. We are a network of global tennis players looking to network and find partners, clubs, pros, resorts, lessons. Don’t pay singles fees on tennis vacations – find a buddy! Let’s meet up to watch the Grand Slams and other ATP/WTA events. Tell us where you play now, where you want to play and your level.

3. Ask a Local Pro

Who would know your game better and who would make a great match for you more than a coach? I’ve traveled the world and hit with dozens of pros and every one of them has helped to find me local singles and doubles games after our first lesson. If it’s within your budget, I highly recommend taking a few lessons or hitting sessions with a local pro, who will gladly set you up with other players. Maybe you’ll even meet friends with whom you can split semi-private lessons going forward.

4. USTA, LTA or Your Local Tennis Governing Body

Every country has it’s own Tennis Governing body – in the USA it is the USTA (United States Tennis Association), in the UK it is LTA (Lawn Tennis Association). Joining a league, team or even contacting them will ensure you find partners and teammates at your same level. They offer tournaments, lessons, clubs, clinics, camps, trips and travel and so much more for tennis players, as their job is to grow the sport. Joining your local league is a great way to find tennis partners.

5. Websites Just for Tennis Partners

There are so many tennis websites dedicated to helping us find partners, coaches, teams and more. Some are fairly outdated, and some seem to be more active in some regions than others, but here is a partial list with which you can start and we hope to add more over time.


6. Apps for Finding Tennis Partners

Apps are fairly new to the world of tennis, at least in the USA, but there seem to be a few out there. I tried one called Tennis Buddy, but I couldn’t get it to work on my Android. The best part about the app was this review, "I used this as a dating app and it worked brilliantly. Unsuspecting girls, no fake profiles, and they’re all in shape… also there’s no pressure to find subjects to chat about you are just going to meet up. dated two beautiful women from the app and chatted with many more before… " I mean, come on, what a loser. Another app, called easyTennis, created by Easy Jet is being called "The Tinder of Tennis." If you do have a good app for finding tennis partners, please let us know in the comments below!!!

7. Meet Up and Craigslist

Using and in almost every city will help you find tennis partners, teams and players. If traveling, I suggest you start searching a bit before you arrive somewhere as it might take a little legwork to figure out the schedules of already organized meetups. Craigslist is usually best for finding a person with whom to hit, usually not a club member, but they can often show you the local free courts. As always on a public forum, please be careful.

8. Tournaments

What better way to assess someone’s game then playing against them? If you’ve joined a club, league, as suggested above, or a local tournament, making friends with your opponents (after you win, of course) is a fantastic way to find tennis partners! Whether you play doubles or singles, tournaments are a great way to meet at least a dozen players in a day.

9. Tennis Holidays and Vacations

As you know, I’ve done dozens of tennis holidays, like at Total Tennis (NY), Thanyapura (Thailand), and have played at courts and clubs when on holiday all over the world. Every single time, I have made friends and met tennis partners for when I home and when I visit their city. I’ve met other NYC players on other holidays I now play with at home. If you’re serious about tennis, checking out a camp like Total Tennis, John Newcombe, Jonathan Markson, Rafa’s Camp in Mallorca and many others will surely help you find players to hit with all over the world, and often, even back in your home town.

10. Local Clinics, Group Lessons and Cardio Tennis

Local clinics at a high school, through your community center, cardio tennis classes and any other form of group tennis will introduce you to dozens of other players. Yes, you have to be a bit forward and ask for a game. Tennis "courtship" is quite often just dating, (are your styles similar, are you both on time, do you like to play on the same type of courts?) but seeing how someone hits in a group setting will often answer many of these questions for you.

Final Tips for Finding Tennis Partners

Don’t be shy about asking anyone you meet while playing for a game. Most tennis players always want to play more tennis and would love a new game or challenge on the court. I’ve traveled the world and met 100s of people, all of which have been friendly and open and I’ve made many lifelong friends along the way, as it’s great to already have something in common with people, whether it’s watching the pros, being active, playing, generally being healthy and more.

BTW – wanna hit sometime????? I’d LOVE to – join our Tennis Travelers Group and let me know where you so I can look you up when I arrive!

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