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Reserving your seats at Wimbledon can be a challenge, much like acing a 120 mph serve. Here we cover reserved and paid tickets, as well as free and last minute options. What you get and how much you pay will largely depend on how much you are willing to leave to chance vs having a guaranteed spot on your date choice.

Wimbledon Advance Tickets

  • Ticket Resellers – Our recommended reseller sites are Viagogo US & UK. While reseller sites are not "officially" approved by Wimbledon, they do allow those who REALLY want to watch an opportunity to buy tickets in advance for their specific date, time and match. Our recommended resellers are VERY reputable companies, with excellent customer service and 100% guaranteed tickets.
  • See Schedule for Coupon Code (and Reseller info below)
  • The Public Ballot allows you to place your name in the draw for tickets and if chosen, you may buy them at face value. You may not request specific courts, dates or matches, as they are chosen randomly by a computer. The ballot is free to join and if you are chosen, Wimbledon will contact you with a window to purchase tickets. The online ballot is usually open the fall prior to the tournament and notifications are ongoing from February through the early rounds of the tournament.

Wimbledon Tickets During Tournament

  • Wimbledon Tickets at Ticketmaster – Primary Official Seller. Several hundred Centre Court and No.3 Court tickets are sold online the day before each match throughout the early part of the tournament.
  • The Queue – A limited number of tickets are available daily for Centre Court, No.1 and No.2 Courts on the early days of the tournament (not the last 4 days). You can buy premium tickets on the day of play for Centre Court and No.2 Court for Days 1-9 and No.1 Court for Days 1-13. There is one Queue for the on-day sale of tickets at the Gate 3 turnstiles, one per person. Bring your overnight camping equipment if you want Centre Court tickets – The Queue is not for the mild tennis fan.
  • Returned and Reserved Tickets – A small number of returned tickets are available via Ticketmaster for Centre Court and No.3 Court daily during the tournament. Returned tickets go on sale 48 hrs before the date of play. Reserved tickets go on sale at 9am each morning for the following day’s play.
  • Wimbledon Website

Note: All of our ticket partners are legitimate, official, recommended ticket sellers and guaranteed to sell you official tennis tickets.


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