***As of July, both the US Open (August 31-September 13) and the Western & Southern Open (August 19-28) will be played in NY, without fans. The Citi Open in DC is cancelled. The full Asian Swing is cancelled. Italy and Madrid have been moved to September. For tournaments after Roland-Garros, the next announcement is expected in mid-July***

There is a huge selection of the best tennis gifts for men. If you need a tennis gift for Dad, Father’s Day, Husband, Christmas and Holidays, Coaches or any tennis loving male in your life, check out our top picks, made by all real tennis fans and players. We let our tennis-fanatic team run wild on Amazon and told them to pick all their favorite tennis gifts! Let’s just hope some of their loved ones are reading this as well.

Best Tennis Gifts for Men

  1. Babolat Team Line Maxi Tennis Backpack
  2. Tennis Cufflinks and Tie Clip
  3. Tennis Sensor Analyzers
  4. TennisPUB – Bag, Feeder & Ball Hopper All in One
  5. Tennis Experience Gifts
  6. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Sports Water Bottle
  7. Crystal Tennis Ball Paperweight
  8. Tennis Ball Saver
  9. Tennis Socks
  10. Tennis Subscription Box

Babolat Team Line Maxi Tennis Backpack

I have this bag and LOVE it!!!! It’s great for both men and women and I really can’t say enough good things about it – and neither can all the people who compliment me on it every time I get on the court. I carry it around the world (as my carry on bag) and it holds everything. Three racquets, laptop, shoes, water bottle and tons of other stuff. The bag has lots of pockets, both inside and outside and, as it gets pretty heavy, the waist and chest straps make it so much easier and lighter to carry. My racquet is very well protected (especially by the grip cover and the Thermo Guard 2.0 compartment) and I can put this bag in an airplane overhead compartment or even under the seat if I remove the racquets.



Babolat - Maxi Tennis Backpack Black - (B753064-105)
  • The blacked out Babolat Maxi Tennis Backpack is perfect for players who need a versatile backpack ready to go anywhere.
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Backpack with Handle Cover
  • Accessory Pockets
  • Size - (Backpacks) | Color - (Black)

Tennis Cufflinks and Tie Clip

HAWSON Novelty Cuff Links and Tie Clip Set for Men - Gifts for Wedding Level,Football,Baseball,Shark etc Design Available
  • DESIGN: 16 Designs of Tie Clip and Cufflinks for Men's Shirt and necktie,add glossy to your daily clothes.
  • SPECIFICATION: 2.3 inch tie bar is made of high quality copper material.Exquisite finish and enamel craft, color will stay for years. Nickel free design item won't irritate your skin
  • BEST GIFT CHOICE: Birthday present for young men.Black gift box package always ready for gift giving.
  • JEWELRY CARE: Please rub the item with soft cloth. After using, please store the items into the box to prevent wet and dust.
  • SERVICES: We provide 90-day money back guarantee or exchange if you are not satisfied with our product. Or contact us if there is any problems.

Tennis Sensor Analyzers

For your techie loving tennis fan always looking to improve their game, these tennis sensors are the industry’s newest "must have" gadget! You attach one of these to your racquet and it analyzes your swing through an associated app on your phone. The app will give you feedback on your sweet spot contact, ball speed, ball spin while helping you to improve groundstokes, volleys, slices and serves.

Zepp Tennis 2 Swing & Match Analyzer
  • Track key performance metrics for each swing including; stroke type, ball speed, ball spin, sweet spot and more
  • Smart rally capture technology automatically captures each rally Turning them into Individual clips for you to review
  • Automatically rank on the leaderboard using your recorded match results. Challenge opponents to move up in the rankings
  • Join the community, check-in at courts you play on, Meet new friends, keep Track of their stats, and share your best moments
  • The Zepp sensor easily attaches to any tennis Racquet to capture over 1, 000 data points per second, and wirelessly sends that info to your Smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth
Head Tennis Sensor
  • The performance tracking Head Zepp Tennis Sensor comes with technology components to help you learn more about and improve your tennis game.
  • Tennis Sensor With Latest Bluetooth Standard
  • Water Repellent Tennis Sensor
  • Tennis Sensor With Smart On/Off Technology
  • Spec neutral* & integrated 7gr / 0.25 oz & interchangeable

TennisPUB – Bag, Feeder & Ball Hopper All in One

This is probably one of the coolest tennis inventions I’ve seen in a while. It’s a lightweight rolling bag (like a suitcase), holds 200+ balls, has a stand to be like a hopper for feeding and you just roll over the balls to pick them up. It’s almost too cool to even write about so please click the image and check it out for yourself.

TennisPUB, New Adventure to Tennis Play – Ball Hopper (Storing 200+ Balls) on Wheels, Tennis Bag for 2 Rackets, Easy Pickup Basket & Travel cart; No More Struggle Bending for Balls!
  • VIV TennisPUB is your ultimate tennis tool! No more bags needed for tennis. play and say bye to ball hopper. Easy to use - guide at vivtennis.com/guide
  • VIV TennisPUB will help you retrieve tennis balls from the ground. All you need to do is to roll it around, push forward then down with the handle and the balls will come back to the bag effortlessly!
  • VIV TennisPUB is also a 200+ ball holder with stand to help hand you balls while you practice your stroke or serve.
  • VIV TennisPUB has wheels and a handle to let you push or pull it along with you.

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Sports Water Bottle

You wouldn’t think something as simple as water bottles could cause such controversy in online reviews, but since it is such an important and personal item, they do! Authentic Hydro Flasks are one of the top reviewed and globally loved water bottles by any athlete. Reviewers love the choice of a wide mouth or straw, sturdy stainless steel, abundance of color choices and length of time the bottle keeps drinks cold. "Ice cubes last all day and my water stays ice cold for hours. The straw is strong and durable as well as the stainless steel water bottle itself. Great product."

Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Wide Mouth Straw Lid 2.0-32 oz, Pacific
  • New Hydro Flask water bottle design does not feature a registered trademark symbol next to the logo
  • Dishwasher safe water bottle allows quick and easy cleaning; Slip-free powder coating won't sweat
  • Hydro Flask metal water bottles keep the coldest drinks icy cold and hot drinks piping hot for hours
  • Reusable water bottle is BPA-free, phthalate-free, and made of stainless steel; lid not leak-proof
  • Hydro Flask water bottles come with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects

Crystal Tennis Ball Paperweight

Need a gift for your tennis-loving boss or Dad? If they are going to be stuck at their desk, why not bring them a little cheer? Arriving in a lovely gift box, this classy desk paperweight is sure to bring a smile to any tennis fan.

Amlong Crystal Tennis Ball Paperweight 3 inch with Gift Box
  • High quality with elegant design and a flat bottom to ensure a stable display on practically any level surface.
  • Handcrafted from lead free optical crystal
  • Perfect gift for tennis events and fans; find a local engraver and have it personalized
  • Approx 3.15 inches diameter, 9.42 inches circumference; these are handmade so sizes may vary slightly
  • Comes with AMLONG CRYSTAL authentic brand logo box. Guaranteed quality

Tennis Ball Stock Up

I don’t think there is a tennis player alive that hasn’t hit with a Penn Championship All Court Ball. So stock up your loved ones for a year with one of the most crucial of all tennis requirements, the tennis ball.

Penn Championship Tennis Balls - Extra Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls - 15 Cans, 45 Balls
  • AMERICA'S #1 SELLING BALL: The product of 100 years worth of testing and perfecting; Penn Championship is the best selling tennis ball in America.
  • PENN PERFORMANCE: Controlled fiber release provides perfectly even nap, while natural rubber offers consistent feel and reduced shock. The Championship line provides unparalleled consistency every time you hit the court.
  • ALL COURTS: While extra duty tennis balls are best suited for hard court matches, they can also be played on all indoor and outdoor softer, clay court surfaces as well.
  • OFFICIAL BALL: Penn Championship is the Official Ball of USTA Leagues, so you know you're playing with high quality and consistent ball. Available in extra-duty felt, regular duty felt, or extra-duty high altitude felt. USTA and ITF approved.
  • LASTING DURABILITY: Interlocked wool fiber ensures the all courts tennis balls will play like new for as long as possible.

Tennis Ball Saver

This tennis ball saver is an Amazon best seller, and for good reason! Players love to save their balls, keep them like new and save money on a sport that can really add up financially over time. The pressurizer does not revive old balls, but rather, keeps them in a pressurized can between play, so they last longer than they would otherwise. Customer reviews generally note that the more often you play and the harder you hit, the less useful this little gem. But a social player who plays 1-2x per week and stores their balls in between will definitely get maximum value. Since a new can of balls costs an average of $2-$5 for 3 balls, this gift could save a tennis enthusiast a ton of money over time.

Gexco Tennis Ball Saver - Pressurized Tennis Ball Storage That Keeps Balls Bouncing Like New
  • A NEW BALL EVERY TIME YOU USE IT: A one-of-a-kind tennis ball storage system that holds balls under equal internal and external pressures preventing air from seeping in and out of pores.
  • MAKES THE PERFECT TENNIS GIFT: For yourself or someone special, The Tennis Ball Saver makes the perfect addition to any tennis lover's gym bag.
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Never worry about last minute runs for fresh balls ever and again! The Tennis Ball Saver ensures a fresh bounce just like new every time you open the container!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: A comparable size and weight to an ordinary tennis ball storage container, the Tennis Ball Saver is easy to take anywhere.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made in the USA with high-quality standards, the Tennis Ball Saver is made of a durable plastic casing that will hold up to travel, wear and tear so you can protect your tennis balls for years to come!

Tennis Socks

Yes, I realize socks are like the most boring gift on earth. But these are a GAME CHANGER! They are ridiculously priced for socks – but I promise you won’t think so once they are on your feet. Look at all the rave reviews by tennis players, athletes and everyone else. If I have a quick 1-2 hour doubles game, socks aren’t a big deal, but singles or any game longer, and these socks just make you feel like you’re floating. Super cushioned in all the right places specifically for tennis, sweat aborption and more.

Thorlos Unisex TMM Tennis Thick Padded Low Cut Sock, White, Large
  • Maximum comfort and protection for the longest matches or anyone who wants maximum comfort and protection
  • Features Thorlo legendary padding in the heel, forefoot, sidewalls, and over the toes to protect against the forces inside your shoe
  • High durability fibers embedded in the forefoot and toebox area to resist wear
  • Padding is clinically shown to reduce blisters, moisture, pain, and pressure
  • Anatomical design consistent with natural contours of foot helps promote a better fit
Thorlos Unisex TX Tennis Thick Padded Crew Sock, White, Large
  • Maximum comfort and protection for the longest matches or anyone who wants maximum comfort and protection
  • Features Thorlo legendary padding in the heel, forefoot, sidewalls, and over the toes to protect against the forces inside your shoe
  • High durability fibers embedded in the forefoot and toebox area to resist wear
  • Padding is clinically shown to reduce blisters, moisture, pain, and pressure
  • Anatomical design consistent with natural contours of foot helps promote a better fit

Tennis Ball Machine

The Daddy of all tennis gifts! A tennis ball machine lets you practice by yourself anywhere (with a hard surface), anytime. The machines let you adjust the speed, trajectory and pace of practice. Even better – you can control them through an app without having to go to the other side of the court. So go ahead and do forehand, backhand. Or forehand, volley, overhead. You can set up the machine to send you balls to work on whatever strokes you like, at your own pace and order.

Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine (Best Model for an Intermediate Player)
  • Only Tennis Ball Machine not Made of Plastics
  • Make Quick Oscillation Mode Programmable by Control Panel or Free Phone Remote App
  • Only Tennis Ball Machine with Patented De-Jam Design
  • The Tennis Ball Machine with Flexible Power Options Available

Best Tennis Bags

Best Tennis Bags

Choosing the best tennis bags is a fun, but challenging, decision for all tennis players! A tennis fans racquet bag is the keeper of all we hold dear: racquets, shoes, gear, laptops, water bottles, accessories and so much more! Before you choose a tennis bag as a gift, here are some things you may want to consider. Do they throw the bag in the trunk of a car and just carry to the court? Do they use it all day for school and also need to keep their laptop safe? Here we choose the top tennis bags for men & women and review Babolat tennis backpacks, Nike tennis bags and Head Tennis bags.

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Tennis Experience Gifts – The Grand Slam of Gifts

Tennis Experience Gift Cards

As an avid tennis player and fan, I can’t think of ANY gift I’d rather receive than the gift of live, professional tennis. Gifting someone a Federer/Nadal Wimbledon Semi-Final??? Priceless!!!!! Fortunately, there are great ways to give your favorite tennis fan the gift of a lifetime, without risking a ton if their dates change. I highly recommend a gift card for tickets, either StubHub or Ticketmaster will give the best selection of tennis tournaments worldwide.

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Best Tennis Gift Guides

Best Tennis Gift Guides

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