How to Choose a Tennis Racquet | Grip, Strings, Size, Beginner, Child

    How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

    ***As of July, both the US Open (August 31-September 13) and the Western & Southern Open (August 19-28) will be played in NY, without fans. The Citi Open in DC is cancelled. The full Asian Swing is cancelled. Italy and Madrid have been moved to September. For tournaments after Roland-Garros, the next announcement is expected in mid-July***

    We all want to get the absolute most out of our tennis games, and while much of that is going to come from hard work, talent, and mental effort, your tennis gear can undoubtedly make a small difference. In a game where an entire match can swing on the result of a single point, the small difference of choosing the right tennis racket can really swing things in your favor! So, to make sure you have peace of mind that you’re playing with the right racket for your game, here are 4 handy tips to help you choose the perfect stick.

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