Playing tennis in Lesvos Greece was a challenge, but we found one of the only hotels with tennis courts as well as local players with whom to hit. We stayed on the northwest side of the island, near Petra and Molyvos and just across from Turkey, which is not a tourist area, and has many more private, apartment style hotels than resorts. Luckily we did find a well-mainted court on which to play.

Where to Stay in Lesvos, Greece

If you want to stay on the northwest part of the island near Molyvos and Petra, in a lovely oceanside resort, with pool, restaurant, tennis court and full service staff, the Aphrodite Hotel is your best (and only) option. The hotel owners are a lovely couple who clearly tend to their guests and offer court rental (/hour) along with racquet rentals and tennis balls.

The rooms are modern and clean with all the amenities one might need.

Aphrodite Hotel Lesvos, Greece

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More Tennis in Lesvos Greece

My hotel, Birds Bay, went out of their way to find me some local hitting partners and it was super fun and a great chance to get a few games of tennis in during my one month stay in Lesvos. There is probably a better selection of hotels with tennis courts towards Mytilene, which is closer to the airport and on the south east part of the island.

The tennis courts in the area are in a poor condition, specifically:

  • Alma Hotel : charges /h, asphalt surface, looks bad, not recommended
  • Sunrise Hotel: not available – they use it as a parking space…
  • Delfina Hotel : /h, tartan surface, not very good condition but acceptable
  • Afroditi Hotel : /h, concrete surface – this is our top pick

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