We offer you our top Monte Carlo Masters Tips for attending, having just gone last week and it’s still fresh in our minds. We learned tons of insider information on the best seats, taxis around Monte Carlo, the best dining spots, catching the greats on the practice courts and trying for autographs and much more, so here are our top Monte Carlo Masters tips and here is our ticketing guide to the Monte Carlo Rolex Masters.

Best Seats for the Monte Carlo Masters

The sun at the Monte Carlo Masters is brutal! It’s not hot, it’s not humid, but I have never felt sun like that in my life. The question is do you want it on your face or your back? On the east side of the stadium (sections K, D, G) you will face the sun and on the west side (sections E, F, J), it will be on your back. On the south side of the stadium (section S), the sun will be above you to your left. The only sections of the stadium facing the water are Loge A & H, unless of course, you are able sit in the box with His Royal Highness.



Monte Carlo Rolex Masters Seating Chart

Court Rainier III vs Court de Princes

Rainier is the main court but there are matches through the Round of 16 on Court de Princes. You must buy a separate ticket for each court, however if you buy your tickets directly from the MCM website, you will be offered a discounted price for Court des Princes when buying a Court Rainier 3 for the same day, usually around $20.

Get Hooked Up with a Taxi Driver

No taxis drive the streets looking for fares as it is not legal, so they all must be called. Taxis in Monte Carlo are notoriously hard to come by and Uber isn’t allowed. In nearby France, there are a few Ubers, but they are not reliable as a means of transportation as there are so few. Usually, you’ll need a hotel or restaurant to call you a car upon leaving and there’s all kinds of rules about Monaco drivers not picking you up in France and vice versa..

Not worry, Tennis Event Guide is here for you – call our guy Bahri! Bahri works in both Monaco and France, plus much of Europe, should you need long distance travel. Bahri is a retired policeman who is happy to serve your transportation needs, around town, to and from the airport, from one country to another, Bahri is your guy. You can call, email or What’s App him: +33 6 19 94 88 60, [email protected],www.ab-driver.com. Be sure to tell him Melissa from TennisEventGuide sent you!

Check out the Practice Courts

High above the stadiums, with some of the best views of the sea, are the practice courts, where you may see your favorite players and get their autographs. We actually saw Caroline Wozniacki practicing and she stopped to take dozens of photos and sign autographs. Not sure what she was doing there, but we were sure happy to see her.

Monte Carlo Rolex Masters Seating Chart

On Site Restaurants and Scheduling Meals

Having hired what were supposedly professionals to plan our vacation, we were very disappointed to learn two of our three onsite meals were scheduled over the matches. Since the Monte Carlo Masters is only during the day and generally runs about 11:30am to 5pm, with four matches per day consecutively, you’ll obviously have to schedule some dining time if you want to be seated and served at one of the many restaurants on site. However, try for around 12:30 or 1pm, which will give you some time to catch the first match and will probably overlap with the break between the first and second matches. The restaurants on site are all lovely, but very expensive. Whereas you can easily grab a sandwich or pasta salad, snack and some Champagne from the onsite vendors for a reasonable price. I believe my sandwich, water and champagne cost around 21 euros. Can’t beat that. The restaurants all have great names as well, such as La Terrasse, Le Tie-Break, du Village, Le Smash, LOPEN, Le Masters – Nobu and Le Cinq Sets.

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Monte Carlo Masters Match Times

Monte Carlo Masters is a men’s only ATP 1000 tournament played on two courts, Court Rainier III (show court) and Court de Princes.
Sessions start around 11:30 with 2-4 matches played consecutively throughout the day. Personally, I think
Round of 16 (Thursday) is one of the best days to go as you get to see the most matches and all the best players.

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More Monte Carlo Masters Tips

  • The bus is crowded after the matches. Allow lots of time for traffic.
  • Bring lots of sunscreen
  • White and hats are the informal dress code
  • Look at the 2 days Pass or 3 days Pass: enables you to benefit from a special price if you hold seats for the 1/2 finals + finals or 1/4 + 1/2 and finals.
  • Qualifying Pass: allows you to benefit from a special rate for seats reserved during the first week-end
  • The subway station you get off at is only open for the tournament and then there is a pleasant 10 min walk to the MCTC. However, the last train travelling East is at 19:05 and can often overlap with play. Not to worry, there is still a bus option to Monte Carlo and from there you can get most places.
  • Wi-Fi in Monte Carlo is notoriously bad. Google Fi does not work at all in Monaco (even though they say on their website it will), Verizon was very spotty and AT&T worked the best of all. However, free wifi is offered at the tournament.
  • Want to play tennis nearby? Mouratoglou Academy (Serena’s coach) is worth a trip about 30 minutes away in Biot, France and a lesson. An Uber will cost you around 60 euros.

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Mouratoglou Tennis Academy Biot

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